About me




Name: Bell

Nickname:  Calssara

E-Mail:   calssara-at-gmx.de

Blood type: 0

Body hight: 1.68m

Living in:  South-West Germany

Dating status: in a relationship

Zodiac sign: Aries

Eye Color: brown

Hair color: brown

Graduation: Bachelor of Arts „Library and Information Science“

Profession: Librarian

Hobbies: reading,  drinking tea, cosplay, horseback riding, travelling, enjoying nature…

Favorite music: medieval music, metal, bagpipe xD, Anime OSTs…

Favorite Books: The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, Harry Potter, Gosick, Bad Blood, Robinrot & Saphirblau & Smaragtgrün, Across the Universe, Hunger Games, Sternenfeuer, The school of good and evil, Faust I ….

Favorite animals: Horses *_*, owls ^-^

Favorite TV series: Dr House, Stargate, Buffy, Doctor Who…



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