Here you can read answers on the most frequently asked questions =3!


Question 01: Where do you usually buy your wigs?

I really like to buy at Kawaii Story, Ladie’s Hair, Prettyland and Lucaille.


Question 02: Where do you usually buy your contacts?

I currently buy the most at Matlens and Pinky Paradise.


Question 03: Do you take commissions?

No. Sorry I have no time to make commissions.


Question 04: Can you visit the con in my country?

I visit many cons on the globe and I’m really happy to see so many new countries. When I travel outside from Germany, the cons invite me as a convention guest. That means the con pays flight and hotel for me and in return I work for them as a judge/panelist/performer/advertiser. It’s an exchange of work and travel. I sadly am not rich enough to pay the flights outside of Germany by myself. So if you want that I come and visit your country, you can talk to an organizer of a local convention. Maybe they are interested to work with me together.


Question 05: Which patterns did you use? Can you help me with mine? Can you send me your old patterns?

When I sew, I do not use „professional patterns“. I learned just by doing and trying out when I was 15. I had no idea about patterns and stuff and I started to develop my own kind of patterns. Now I´m totally used to my own kind of patterns, I made a „basic body“-pattern from my own body and modify it every time. For every new kind of shape that appears I think about how the construction could look drawn flatly on a paper.
If you need professional patterns to use for your own costumes, please look on sewing forums or ask in a sewing stuff store if they can help you. Sometimes you can also find tutorials about cosplay related patterns on deviantart or on youtube.


Question 06: Where do you buy your fabrics?

From various stores. Also I buy some fabrics in local stores or in online stores.
Some pages I like to use are:
Stoffe Hemmers
Stoffe Tetik
Stoffe aus Berlin
Stoff Am Stück


Question 07: How long do you work on your costumes? How much do they cost?

Depends on the costume. I’m a VERY slow seamstress XD. I need a lot of time to make something like I want to have it. It’s always very important for me that the costume insides do not look messy. I try to make everything as good as I can and do not rush it. Also the costs vary a lot. Mostly between 30 and 300€.


Question 08: When did you start cosplay and what was your first costume? Why did you start?

I started to cosplay in 2004 and my first costume was Eclair from Kiddy Grade. Before I even knew cosplay, I also dressed up as a kid with my friends as Sailor Moon or some Stargate characters xD.
I just visited my first convention as a normal visitor in casual clothes. There I saw cosplay and thought it would be super cool! Next year on the same con, I wore my first handmade costume. It was so much fun that I continues. Now together with many friends and my boyfriend, cosplay became a passion.


Question 9: How do you find your shooting locations? Do you have to pay to use them?

I just keep my eyes open if I see something when I’m on the way with my car, or meeting friends somewhere. Also google is a great helper to find nice locations. I google stuff like „medieval castle in [cityname]“ and see what I can find ;D! Some locations are free to use, others cost money.

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