Atago – Azur Lane



Worn: Otafest Canada 2019 + Photo Shoot 2019 + Franco Bamberg 2019

I really love Azur Lane and all the ship girls. I directly fell in love with Takao and Atago when I saw them for the first time. I really love uniforms and their uniforms looked so pretty and elegant!
For a convention, I then decided to do Takao first and a friend of mine went as Atago. Later on I still made Atago as well ^^. I felt happier and more confident in my looks as Atago.
The costume is selfmade by me and I have special effort into the fit of the bodice. I really wanted it to fit nicely and make a good body shape. My lovely fluffy ears are made by Lisa Laudanum Headwear! I love them :).

I also really enjoyed taking photos of this costume. I specially love the photos in the water. It was a really cool photo shoot that was a lot of fun.




photos by Blue Potion

Atago (Azur Lane) Atago (Azur Lane) Atago (Azur Lane)

Atago (Azur Lane) Atago (Azur Lane)


Atago (Azur Lane) Atago (Azur Lane) 



Atago (Azur Lane) Atago (Azur Lane) Atago (Azur Lane) Atago (Azur Lane) Atago (Azur Lane) Atago (Azur Lane)Atago (Azur Lane) Atago (Azur Lane)

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