Enma – Onmyoji



Worn: photo shoot 2018 for NETEASE

This cosplay was a very special project. I got asked by NETEASE company to take photos as Enma for their anniversary and the Shikigami cosplay contest. I feel really honored to be asked to portrait her.
The costume was provided by Netease and sadly I was a bit unlucky with the shipping. The time frame in which we should take the photos was quiet small and the first costume they send did not arrive. So they had to send another one and happily it arrived!
So I quickly had to take the photos. My photographer could not make it anymore to the appointment, so Martin from „Reflektierte Wahrheit“ jumped in to take the photos. We planned to mainly shoot outside, but sadly it was raining like hell and we could only get very few shots outside before we had to change indoors and quickly use his living room as a photo studio. We still managed to get some decent shots, but were sad we could not shoot more outside.

Enma (Onmyoji) Enma (Onmyoji) Enma (Onmyoji) Enma (Onmyoji) Enma (Onmyoji) Enma (Onmyoji) Enma (Onmyoji) Enma (Onmyoji) Enma (Onmyoji)

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