Sonico – Super Sonico


Worn: photo shoot 2018

Status: SOLD

Sonico is probably an unusual cosplay choice for me. I actually really enjoyed watching the anime. I loved her personality of being very positive, social, working hard and loving the ocean. I specially loved the episodes with her doing backpacking.
The headphones are made by me with 3D printing. It was my first time 3D printing a costume part by myself. I also used some foam on the headphones and wire. The costume I got from another cosplayer and I changed it fitting to my size. When I got it from her it was sadly unwashed and super smelly. So I had to put it into the washing machine first. Please guys, remember not to send smelly costumes to others. For the photos I worked the first time with Lou from Cupcake Studios. It was really fun to work together.



Sonico (Super Sonico) Sonico (Super Sonico) Sonico (Super Sonico)  Sonico (Super Sonico) 

Sonico (Super Sonico) Selfies   Sonico (Super Sonico) Selfies   Sonico (Super Sonico) Selfies

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